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For over 25 years, the Australian Childhood Foundation has been helping children recover from abuse, neglect, and family violence, but they can’t do it alone. So please, join me, and together we can try to help ensure not another child has to suffer.



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Australian Childhood Foundation patron Chris Hemsworth shows how you can be part of our campaign to ensure not another child has to suffer

Prestige Hong Kong Private Dinner with Chris Hemsworth (x)

People watching at Bangalow Food fest Ohhhh and eating. Omg there’s Chris Hemsworth checking me out


The interview is not about Chris, Brendan Gleeson talks about his character in the movie, but anything In the Heart of the Sea related is a good excuse to post Owen Chase pictures!

“You did a role in Heart of the Sea for Ron Howard. What was that experience like?
GLEESON: Oddly enough, it was quite intimate. I’m playing Tom Nickerson, who is a historical character. He was on the Essex, and the tale of the Essex inspired Moby Dick. Basically, I’m the older version of Tom Nickerson, and Melville comes to talk about it. Melville was inspired by the tale of the Essex to write Moby Dick, so that’s the conceit. He tries to glean from me what actually happened on that voyage, which I’ve hidden for 30 or 35 years. So, it was quite an intense, intimate battle of wits, leading into a trust over a long night of whiskey and storytelling and revelation. I do the voice-over for the flashbacks, and the heart of the film is the actual voyage itself. I didn’t get my feet wet, even, but it was quite an intense encounter. Ben Whishaw played Melville, and he was wonderful. And working with Ron was inspirational. We got pretty down and dirty in that room. So, I think it’s gonna be great. I saw little bits of it while I was doing some looping, a few days ago. I think it’s gonna be pretty spectacular. I hope so.”

If we can’t get Blackhat trailer, can we hope at least to have very soon this one? Pretty please Ron!

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"He started it! He pushed me first. You saw it!"- Chris Hemsworth after he and Evans acted like five-year olds on the red carpet.